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about NYSN

New York Society of Nephrology

The mission of the continuing medical education program of the New York Society of Nephrology is to bring experts in the field of Nephrology to the New York metropolitan area to participate in lecture programs which educate the membership about new aspects of the clinical practice of Nephrology and disseminate new information about basic science and clinical research in the field of Nephrology.

Membership in NYSN is open to all Nephrologists and Urologists in the NY metropolitan area.  Lecture programs are attended by members of the Society, Nephrology fellows, and Urology residents from the NY metropolitan area (including Westchester, New Jersey, and Long Island).

Achievement of the goals set forth in this mission statement will be assessed annually through review of members’ responses to specific survey questions at the time of each presentation, which inquire as to the physician’s perception of enhancement of professional skills by the program.  Survey of the educational needs of the membership will be undertaken annually, prior to formulation of the next season’s academic program.